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  1. Parking lot "ParkandFly" provides a parking space for parking a vehicle, as well as free transportation of parking lot users and their luggage to Riga International Airport and back to the parking lot territory.

  2. Parking regulations are mandatory for all parking users and third parties in the parking lot;

  3. Parking hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The minimum payment for the use of the Parking Lot is payment for one day according to the set tariffs. Time at 00.00 Latvian time is considered to be the beginning of a new day.

  4. The maximum driving speed of vehicles in the territory of the parking lot is 10 km / h and the movement of vehicles in the territory of the parking lot takes place in accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers no. 571 "Road Traffic Regulations".

  5. Before entering the parking lot, its users are obliged to get acquainted with the terms of use of the parking lot;

  6. Before entering the parking lot, receive a pass at the parking lot;

  7. Upon receipt of the pass and entering the territory of the parking lot, it is considered that the user of the parking lot has read and agreed to the terms of its use;

  8. Upon entering the parking lot territory, it is considered that its user has accepted parking services, which include parking the vehicle in the parking lot and free transportation of parking lot users and their luggage to the international airport "RIGA", as well as transportation from the airport back to the parking lot;

  9. The parking place of the vehicle is handed over to its user for a period of time previously announced by the user.

  10. The parking space of each vehicle marked in the parking lot is intended for only one vehicle (car, motorcycle, scooter, bus and trailer, etc.). In cases when the vehicle occupies more than one parking space (including incorrectly parked), the parking lot administration has the right to charge for each occupied parking space in accordance with the applicable fee rates;

  11. It is forbidden to park the vehicle outside the marked parking spaces. In case the vehicle is parked in a place not intended for it, including at the entrance to the parking lot or departure from it, outside the reserved places, places for evacuation, water intakes, the parking lot administration has the right to charge a fine of LVL 50 for each detected case.

  12. The administration of the parking lot has the right to collect a fine of 75 euros from the owners of the animals, if it is established that the animals pollute the territory of the parking lot;

  13. The vehicle is handed over to its driver if he presents the parking pass to the parking worker. In case of loss of the pass, the parking administration must be notified immediately. In case of loss of the pass, the parking administration has the right to impose a fine of 50 euros.

  14. In case of loss of the pass, the vehicle is issued to its driver only if an identity document and a document of the owner or holder of the vehicle or any other document certifying the right to use the vehicle is presented.

  15. It is FORBIDDEN in the parking lot:
    to smoke and use alcoholic beverages, as well as other intoxicating substances;
    to store flammable and explosive substances and objects in vehicles, as well as to transport, load, unload and use open fire;
    to repair vehicles, refuel and refuel. If necessary, it is allowed to refill the window washer fluid, tosol, inflate the tires with air, and replace it;
    to park vehicles with hermetically sealed petrol tanks;
    to perform any actions that could cause damage to other users of the parking lot;
    to stay in the salons of vehicles for a long time, if it is not related to, parking the vehicle, entering or leaving the parking lot, loading or unloading luggage;
    to park vehicles without state number plates and in inappropriate technical condition;

  16. Leave or store valuables in vehicles;
    It is the responsibility of the user of the car park to take all necessary measures to prevent the vehicle from moving and being used without his presence, as well as to leave the vehicle only with the anti - theft devices on (alarm, etc.)

  17. Parking lot users are liable for all damages they have caused to other parking lot users by their direct or indirect actions;

  18. In cases when as a result of the actions of the parking lot user any damage is caused to the vehicles of other parking lot users, he is obliged to immediately notify the parking lot administration;

  19. The parking administration reserves the right to evacuate vehicles, expel from the parking area persons who violate the parking conditions and impose fines in case of non-compliance with the parking conditions, as well as detain the vehicle until the person concerned compensates for the resulting damage. and other related costs.

  20. The car park administration is not responsible for the storage of vehicles in the parking area and, in particular, is not responsible for damage to vehicles in the event of natural disasters, riots, hooliganism, military operations of any kind, illegal activities of any kind, and the vehicle (s) is (are) destroyed, irretrievably damaged, stolen (stolen), or if the loss has been caused by a driver (owner or any other third party) who has been inside or outside the parking lot, has or has not had alcohol, drugs or toxic substances in a state of intoxication or without a driving license of the relevant category, as well as if the driver or his authorized person or any other third party has intentionally or negligently caused damage or facilitated the expulsion of the vehicle. The car park administration is not responsible for any theft from the vehicle interior and / or cargo compartment, parts and other removable parts and components (including but not limited to mirrors, number plates, emblems, etc.).

  21.  Transportlīdzekļu apstāšanās un stāvēšana Autostāvvietā atļauta tikai atbilstoši marķētās vietās, ievērojot šos Noteikumus, Latvijas Republikas normatīvajos aktos noteikto ceļu satiksmes kārtību, informatīvās zīmes, horizontālos ceļa apzīmējumus, un neapgrūtinot Autostāvvietas izmantošanu citiem Autostāvvietas lietotājiem.

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